A break in the rain, a ride to the Ocean

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A break in the rain, a ride to the Ocean

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Today was a push button Motorcycle day, or, as they say, one with an electric boot. This left the Velocette's in the garage, still surrounded by half empty Christmas decoration boxes, waiting to be stored out of the way in the giant shed. Last night I liberated the DRZ SM from the mess, aired up the tires, and hoped it would start and run after sitting unused for weeks.

After some resistance, start it did, then down to the Gas Station to fuel up and see who shows. I thought it was just going to be me, but Miata trickled in, followed by GB 500. All push button.

A route was planned to end in Breakfast at Art's corner cafe, off Thompson in Ventura. Over 150 towards Carpinteria, minding the wet patches of tarmac, then up the coast to Ventura, stopping to admire the angry surf.

The broken terrain was covered with a velvet like coat of fresh green grass, which is a relief after months of harsh dry weeds.

Arriving at Art's it was found to be closed till the 17th.. hard to understand where all the good ol' boys would get fed. New plans to ride to fish soup at El Pescador were laid, and more rolling hills of soft green with large patches of dark green citrus and Avocado groves were navigated. Fifteen minutes in the parking lot, and we were admitted to enjoy warm Fish Soup and fresh chips.

Miata stayed in Santa Paula, and GB500 and I headed back toward Ojai over 150. I guess we had a 'best of 150' ride, as after clearing traffic we had a clean run down Dennison into Ojai at a brisk pace. I have not been riding a lot lately due to a wide number of issues, but it was nice to slide down into Ojai on one of my favorite descents.

All done now, a new weekend awaits. Perhaps a Velocette next time?


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