The Velo MAC and I turn 69

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The Velo MAC and I turn 69

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My 1952 Velocette MAC has been seeing a lot of road work in the last couple of weeks. On the 10th I led a small group of bikes up 33 for the final event in my weekend 'Mellow Velo' celebration. I was joined by two other Velocettes, out of 9 that came to the rally. Two flatted, four went home, and three went up the hill. I was the leader on my little 350, and we were going to get pie at 'The Place' in Ventucopa, but advanced Miata scouts met us at the North base of 33 to tell us that there was NO PIE to be had!! Turn around, head back to Ojai after a detour up Rose Valley, and into the Garage.

This last Sunday was the day of both my MAC and mine 69th birthday. I will say that the MAC is holding up much better than I, but we did meet with my daughter on her brand new Honda Cub at the usual place, along with two Miatas. I ask her to lead, and in doing so was exposed to a simple truth. Even in Ojai, everyone has a unique topographical view of how to navigate. I followed her on a route I never would have chosen, but it reflected her 'born in Ojai' knowledge of the fastest yet slowest (small capacity bike and an old Velocette) way out of town. We trickled down toward Ventura, then I took the lead on the Avenue, where we took an other odd ball route to land on Poli, which turns into Foothill, which took us all the way to Santa Paula. Almost to Santa Paula one Miata passed us in a series of fast sweepers and led us up Wheeler Canyon Road, an interesting stretch of that runs up into the small range of mountains that separates the Santa Clara River watershed from the Ventura River watershed. It winds past a series of ranches, the rescue dog training facility, and stops at a locked gate. We were amazed to find Halloween decorations on and around the locked gate, quite extensive, including large fake spiders hidden in bushes on the hillside far from the road. To what end, we wondered? No one trick or treats, we were sure. A mystery.

We follow the Miatas back down to Foothill, then into Santa Paula, where we wait in the parking log of El Pescador for a few minutes till we can be seated, and then order FISH SOUP. My birthday is complete. The MAC doesn't get any, but it has to haul it back to Ojai, where my daughter took me on a small tour of the East end, once again re-setting my internal map to home.

All in all, a good day for a ride on a Velocette.


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