Where have all the Riders gone?

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Where have all the Riders gone?

Post by Thruxton71 » Thu May 09, 2019 9:40 am

Last Sunday I drove my pickup to the usual spot where we meet for our ride. I was recovering from arthroscopic surgery on my kicking knee three days hence. It was a cloudy cool morning, a perfect riding day. There was a single motorcycle, an immaculate GB 500 Honda, but otherwise everyone was caged. Miata, Nissan truck (me), Ford Focus (buddy who just had a replacement knee operation two weeks ago), Toyota truck (buddy with a cane, just had a hip replacement), and a hybrid Toyota with two more motorcycle owners. It was one of the largest turnouts I can remember, and one single motorcycle. Injury, disabilities, and lack of enthusiasm has devastated our once hardy group. I am hoping to be able to ride my 1952 Velocette again, along with the rest of my motley fleet. More to come.

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Re: Where have all the Riders gone?

Post by xbacksideslider » Sat May 18, 2019 5:45 pm

Yep, the mc hobby is in decline. Less open land for kids to learn on and less for adults too. As for street, roads are clogged with cages. The manufacturers rarely offer loss leaders to create new markets, they all go after high end in each category.

I wish the bigs would offer competing loss leader 100cc singles, touting high MPG, near zero emissions, economy, and low prices. Get em into the showroom, make motorcyclists for life. That’s what they did back when, although the strong dollar and weak yen made em affordable on a whim

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