Ford Mustang Boss 302S

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Ford Mustang Boss 302S

Post by jhwalker » Mon Oct 13, 2014 8:05 am

Out of touch --- again :-D I did not realize that Ford was making this. ... boss-302s/

The article is interesting.

Final paragraph
"The most complete record we know of is the performance of the Boss 302 in Pirelli World Challenge GTS. In 2011, Mustangs won 10 of 12 rounds, with the Boss 302S winning 6 rounds and the older FR500S winning 4 rounds. In 2012, the World Challenge authorities worked to equalize competition (as is the case in most series), which contained the Boss 302S dominance. The Boss won 2 of 12 rounds, and came in sixth in the championship (this may have been impacted by Paul Brown, 2011 champion, being stricken with cancer during the season). Another indicator of competitiveness is the number of teams running the Boss. Of 41 teams scoring points, 13 ran Mustangs in GTS in 2012, the next highest number being five teams running Camaros, five running BMW M3s, and five running 370Zs. "

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