Is this the new thing? Hood road rage?

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Is this the new thing? Hood road rage?

Post by xjrguy »

Unbelievable the first one involved a police officer. ... -car-hood/

Glad to see nobody hurt in second one and also the CCW’er acted responsibly and wasn’t charged. ... road-rage/
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Re: Is this the new thing? Hood road rage?

Post by Tetge »

I personally would not mess with a person who could break a windshield with a water bottle, and that had such massive grip that they could not be shaken of the hood of my car. Must be that old guy strength I have heard of, although none of that strength was granted to me. But, road rage or not, that driver needs to have a serious attitude adjustment handed out to him, as he very well could have killed the old guy on the hood. 70 mph is no joke, and they also report that he tried other ways to toss the guy off his hood, and, getting onto a freeway as well? Talk about blind rage and a bad temper.........

But, it did make the Yahoo news page, and, I confess, I looked at it this morning, and, I generally ignore all the sensational news items. I also believed that it actually happened, although one never knows these days with all the fake news that is also being reported..........

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Re: Is this the new thing? Hood road rage?

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Re: Is this the new thing? Hood road rage?

Post by jhwalker »

yeah man -- I thought it was just crazy down here :whistle:

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