Raced a Harley today

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Raced a Harley today

Post by xbacksideslider » Mon May 13, 2013 8:51 pm

Swiped this from elsewhere -

I raced a Harley today and after some really hard riding I managed to
PASS the guy. I was riding on one of those really, really twisting
sections of canyon road with no straight sections to speak of and where
most of the curves have warning signs that say "15 MPH".I knew if I was
going to pass one of those monsters with those big-cubic-inch motors, it
would have to be a place like this where Handling and rider skill are
more important than horsepower alone.I saw the guy up ahead as I exited
one of the turns and knew I could catch him, but it wouldn't be easy. I
concentrated on my braking and cornering. Three corners later, I was on
his fender. Catching him was one thing; passing him would prove to be

Two corners later, I pulled up next to him as we sailed down the
mountain.I think he was shocked to see me next to him, as I nearly got
by him before he could recover. Next corner, same thing. I'd manage to
pull up next to him as we started to enter the corners but when we came
out he'd get on the throttle and outpower me. His horsepower was almost
too much to overcome,but this only made me more determined than ever.My
only hope was to out brake him. I held off squeezing the lever until the
last instant. I kept my nerve while he lost his. In an instant I was by
him. Corner after corner, I could hear the roar of his engine as he
struggled to keep up. Three more miles to go before the road straightens
out and he would pass me for good. But now I was in the lead and he
would no longer hold me back. I stretched out my lead and by the time we
reached the bottom of the canyon, he was more than a full corner behind.
I could no longer see him in my rear-view mirror.

Once the road did straighten out, it seemed like it took miles before he passed me, but it
was probably just a few hundred yards. I was no match for that kind of
horsepower, but it was done. In the tightest section of road, where
bravery and skill count for more than horsepower and deep pockets, I had
passed him. though it was not easy, I had won the race to the bottom of
the canyon and I had preserved the proud tradition of another of
America's best bikes.

I will always remember that moment. I don't think I've ever pedaled so
hard in my life. And some of the credit must go to Schwinn, as well.
They really make a great bicycle...

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Re: Raced a Harley today

Post by xjrguy » Mon May 13, 2013 11:00 pm

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Re: Raced a Harley today

Post by Tetge » Tue May 14, 2013 1:29 pm

I liked that one when I first saw it 100 years ago. And it is still true, although there are some fast Harleys out there.

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Re: Raced a Harley today

Post by jhwalker » Tue May 14, 2013 4:03 pm

ha ha ha also. :-D

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Re: Raced a Harley today

Post by Thruxton71 » Tue May 13, 2014 6:33 pm

I have seen some fast harleys. It can happen. But I have also passed cars on a bicycle descending
dennison grade in Ojai.. fun stuff.

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Re: Raced a Harley today

Post by Brakelate » Wed May 14, 2014 5:39 am

Strikes a memory...

Getting a foot long fixed blade knife waved in my face by William Queen. This at an Outlaw Biker seminar. Guy is seriously fucking crazy... and a bad ass.

Read his book "Under and Alone".

He claims to have had a super bitchen built bobber that would do over 140 out on the 210 freeway through Sunland in the foggy early morning hours returning from runs for the club.

Lots of bullshit attitudes out there. 99% of them, matter of fact. You'll know it when you actually meet a real 1%-er. They stand out without saying a word. In a crowd, or in motion.

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