Famoso TNT - Saturday - February 15th 2014

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Re: Famoso TNT - Saturday - February 15th 2014

Post by jhwalker »

Everyone has heard this story, but I WILL repeat. At the Dale, I had done a massive smokey burnout in the SPF -- with the Roush 427R that was making 470 to the rears The fans (who are right on top of you) were lathered up pretty good, I get a great launch, pound the 1-2, all is good, and blow the 2-3.
Instant hostility -- LEARN TO DRIVE, YOU SUCK!, etc and my instinctive reaction was to throw the double birds. Not the right move, mucho anger. :dance:
When you return, you pass right next to the stands, and it was like running the gauntlet. :lol: Shit was being thrown, (no liquids thank goodness), screaming of the finest form -- the sort of stuff that I enjoy so I was sharing the pipe music with them.

Extended version, I took it outside. Did a pull in the street. (risking a ticket) It was perfect. Not the slightest hitch in the 2-3. Went back in, you can guess what happened (again), and I drove right on out towards home. :-D Feeling better than I should have. :dance:

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Re: Famoso TNT - Saturday - February 15th 2014

Post by Brakelate »

Nothing like being a Gladiator at the Games. For all the bad, goes with it those few brief seconds of unforgettable (to you) instantly forgotten (to the non-participants, and biggest critics) . Ahhh how I remember so many times.

And so true a phrase; "The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat".

For those of us "who have been to the edge" and survived to return, no one has the appreciation and respect for a warrior, as another warrior himself. Brakelate say. :ugeek:

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